Toward a Europe Whole and Free (To Loot)


By Tony Cartalucci

When the special interests who created and direct the agenda of the European Union disagree with member states, the true nature of this supranational enterprise becomes painfully apparent – one of dictatorial special interests pursing regional policy that benefits none of its individual member states. No example of this can be clearer than the dispute that has emerged over the construction of Russia’s South Stream natural gas pipeline set to run through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, and Italy.

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The London 7/7 Bombings: Big Questions Never Asked, Let Alone Answered

By Tony Gosling
Global Research, July 12, 2014
RT Op-Edge

77It is heartbreaking this week, despite the insatiable Signals Intelligence fiefdoms exposed by Edward Snowden, to see our elected lawmakers scrabbling for yet more mass surveillance of UK citizens.

Time and time again we are told Islamic extremists are threatening our very way of life and time after time the evidence before our eyes is that our only real threat is the home grown, party political poodles of the police state.

In this case all the emergency ‘Data Retention and Investigation Powers’ bill (DRIP) will do, if passed into law, is bring what European lawmakers say could be illegal activities of British data retention within the law. Worried that they will be prosecuted for stealing data about who innocent citizens are communicating with and when, they are rushing to shift the legal goalposts so they are no longer breaking it, hoping that crimes they already committed will be overlooked.

What a blatant abuse of power by our lawmakers. Labour’s bloodhound MP Tom Watson rightly smelt a rat when he spotted House of Commons timetables being shifted around but Downing Street knows which side its bread is buttered. Confirmation that the emergency DRIP bill was about to be bounced through parliament was handed to the London media almost 24 hours before it was announced to the Members of Parliament who have to scrutinize and vote on it in a matter of days.

And you can see why they tell the press before they tell parliament too. London’s mainstream media have forgotten how to pose questions to the securocrats. Even when earlier this week former Director General of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove told the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) that the Islamic terror threat to Britain was grossly inflated, and that ‘Britons’ Cameron included presumably, ‘spreading blood-curdling terrorism messages should be ignored.’ By the end of the week that was all forgotten and the Islamic threat had expanded again so much that emergency legislation was now necessary to sacrifice our freedoms by Monday.

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Judge rapped over ‘disgraceful’ incest comments

A judge in Australia has been criticised after saying incest may no longer be a taboo and that the community may now accept consensual sex between adult siblings.

by Jonathan Pearlman

Judge Garry Neilson, from the district court in the state of New South Wales, likened incest to homosexuality, which was once regarded as criminal and “unnatural” but is now widely accepted.

He said incest was now only a crime because it may lead to abnormalities in offspring but this rationale was increasingly irrelevant because of the availability of contraception and abortion.

“A jury might find nothing untoward in the advance of a brother towards his sister once she had sexually matured, had sexual relationships with other men and was now ‘available’, not having [a] sexual partner,” the judge said.

“If this was the 1950s and you had a jury of 12 men there, which is what you’d invariably have, they would say it’s unnatural for a man to be interested in another man or a man being interested in a boy. Those things have gone.”

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Prince Bandar back in the Driver’s Seat in Riyadh


Wayne MADSEN | 12.07.2014

Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulazia bin Saud is the godfather behind the creation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), now called the «Islamic State» or «Islamic Caliphate». Without Saudi support for the most radical of the Islamist opposition forces battling Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, it is doubtful that ISIL would have ever incubated beyond a fringe group in Syria.

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Gaza civilians struggle amidst Israeli onslaught

RT America – Israel has hit over 1,000 targets in Gaza since the beginning of the latest conflict with Palestinians. Outrage is growing worldwide over the number of civilian casualties and injuries, which are placing strain on a limited medical infrastructure. Israel is massing troops along the border, and says it will continue its operation as long as militants continue launching rockets into the country. Harry Fear reports for RT from the center of Gaza to learn more from residents.

U.S. law imposes itself on European territory


Image: Top US and EU officials conducting TTIP negotiations which are kept secret from the public: Dan Mullaney (left) and Ignacio Garcia Bercero.

European governments most hypocritically claim that the mandate given to the European Commission to negotiate a transatlantic trade and investment partnership agreement with Washington falls within European law. Actually as with previous agreements such as Swift, data related to air passengers, and to tax evasion, the Commission has been told to suspend the application of European law when negotiating with the US. Consequently negotiations amount to deciding the areas in which Europeans will no longer be protected by their respective States.

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CIA Shifting Its Chechen Terrorist Assets to Bolster ISIS in Iraq


Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
РИА Новости,РИАН
July 10, 2014

With an ethnic Chechen Omar Shishani coming to the spotlight in ISIS’s activities in Iraq, analysts say Chechen war was an attempt by the Western countries to destabilize Russia through the Caucasus.

With his trademark red-beard and frequent appearances on Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) promotional videos, Omar Shishani colorfully spotlights the many Chechen fighters to have answered jihad’s call in Syria and Iraq.

“The Chechen war was a classic attempt by the US and Britain to destabilize Russia through the Caucasus. It was fomented from the outside by NATO. In Ukraine, we saw some of the Kiev fascists were the same as those who went to Chechnya to fight Russia,” Webster Tarpley, a historian and author of “Obama: The Postmodern Coup” told RIA Novosti.

Shishani, whose real name is Tarkhan Batirashvili, is an ethnic Chechen from Georgia who reportedly fought against Russia in the 2007-08 Georgia-Russia war and whose military career took him to an al-Qaeda-linked Sunni militia in Syria.

Chechen fighters probably established links with Western spy agencies during the conflicts with Russia and are now advancing Western interests in the Middle East, Tarpley claimed.

Tarpley Cited in Recent RIA Novosti Wires

Tarpley Cited in Recent RIA Novosti Wires

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
РИА Новости,РИАН
July 10, 2014

ANALYSIS: US Inaction against Islamists Paves Way for Chaos in Iraq

NEW YORK, JULY 3 (RIA Novosti) – The United States is avoiding air strikes against an al-Qaeda offshoot in Iraq because it wants to see the Middle Eastern nation collapse into anarchy, it is a classic US strategy to regain influence in the country, experts told RIA Novosti.

The US has stalled on launching decisive raids on the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) in a bid to make the country subservient to Washington’s economic interests, according to Webster Tarpley, author of Obama: The Postmodern Coup and other controversial titles.

“The US hasn’t lifted a finger. If it really considered this group a threat, it would have bombed ISIS bases in Syria or as soon as they crossed into Iraq. Columns of Toyota puck up trucks mounted with machine guns would have made easy targets,” Tarpley told RIA Novosti.

“Washington’s goal is an overthrow of Iraq’s Shiite Prime Minister, Nouri Maliki, who has ties with Iran; and the universal balkanization of humanity to make foreign nations compliant to the needs of Wall Street.”

Another expert, Sara Flounders, co-director of the International Action Center, said that the lightening advance of ISIS across north and western Iraq is a classic US tactic to regain influence in the country by dividing ethnic groups.

“The formation of ISIS and its direct arming by Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti money is no accident, it is meant to divide Iraq, Syria and Lebanon,” said. “US policy has been to pit Sunni against Shia, Kurd against Arab, for the past 20 years.

“The US uses Saudi Arabia to arm the most reactionary groups in the region and, since the occupation of 2003, has used everything from sectarian militias to ID cards, checkpoints, allocations of ministries and parliamentary seats to place one group against another and create internal chaos in Iraq.”

The US has deployed helicopters and drones to Iraq and is gathering data on the Sunni group, which has declared a “caliphate” in the lands it has seized in Iraq and Syria. Russia has supplied aircraft and Iran is understood to have done the same.

On Thursday, local media reported that Saudi Arabia had deployed 30,000 troops along its 900km border with Iraq after Iraqi forces withdrew. Iraq’s beleaguered Shia Prime Minster, Nouri Maliki, has struggled to repel ISIS forces, which control swathes of Iraqi territory. Sunni Iraqis, dissatisfied with the Shiite government, have joined the militants.
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IBM and PayPal criticised for using JobBridge to fill science and tech positions


One ad called for an extra foreign language for a €50 a week position

MULTINATIONAL IT GIANTS PayPal and IBM are facing strong criticism for using the controversial JobBridge internship scheme to fill a total of eight positions at their Dublin offices.

The US companies have listed vacancies for a security specialist, quality analyst, and inside sales representative, among other jobs.

Former Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy today condemned the use of the scheme – which pays social welfare recipients an extra €50 a week – by companies with billions of dollars in annual revenue.

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Makerspaces: More Than a Fad

July 10, 2013 (LocalOrg) – Make Magazine describes a makerspace as a “gym where you get a membership to use the equipment.” That equipment ranges from everything including basic hand and power tools, to machining equipment and 3D printers. Some makerspaces even serve as springboards for DIYbio labs that give the public access to the tools and techniques required to measure, detect, and alter the environment around us on a molecular level.

HS_MS_Global02Image: Mackerspaces from top left and going clockwise in Germany, Canada, and Singapore. A makerspace starts with basically a table and a group of like minded individuals and just like a personal workspace, evolves over time accumulating tools, knowledge, members, and accomplishments.

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