Vaccines: Penalizing the Unvaccinated?

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October 15, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – LocalOrg) – Slate has enthusiastically supported vaccinations and in particular, establishment talking points and narratives regarding them, as well as a particular focus on dismembering mainstream anti-vaccine views. In a recent article titled, “Endangering the Herd,” Slate argues that those refusing to receive vaccines should be penalized, and the act of refusing to be vaccinated be criminalized.

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Iran and the Proxy War in Kurdistan


October 17, 2014 (Eric Draitser – NEO) – In the midst of the war against ISIS (Islamic State) now taking place in both Iraq and Syria, a possible shifting of alliances that could fundamentally alter the balance of power in the region is taking place, and no one seems to have noticed. Specifically, the burgeoning relationship between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq has the potential to remake the political landscape of the Middle East. Naturally, such a development is part of a broader geopolitical gambit by Iran, and it will have significant ramifications for all regional actors. However, it is Turkey, the gulf monarchies, and Israel that potentially have the most to lose from such a development.

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Very Encouraging. 4 out of 5 High Schoolers on a Bus have seen ‘Loose Change’ and know the U.S. Government was behind 9/11

My daughter is a high school student. She rides a bus to and from school. During one of her bus rides, there were 5 students left on the bus and one began a conversation about what is happening in the U.S.. My daughter decided to ask in an off handed manner “Has anyone ever seen the video, ‘Loose Change’?”

She was shocked and amazed that 4 of the 5 students had watched it and said “OH, Yeah, the U.S. government was behind 9/11. The government is the one who did 9/11, not some man in a cave in Afghanistan!”

They all began sharing different things about the video and how they totally understand that the government committed 9/11 themselves.

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ISIS, Turkey, and the Propaganda of Intervention

turkey_syriaOctober 10, 2014 (Eric Draitser – NEO) – Today’s headlines are filled with reports of the imminent fall of the Syrian city of Kobani to forces of the Islamic State (ISIS). There are terrifying descriptions of an imminent massacre and the looming threat to Turkey as Islamic State forces move ever closer to the Turkish-Syrian border. Turkish President Erdogan waxes poetic about how he “warned the West” about the threat IS would pose and the dangers of inaction. It seems that everyone, including security experts and pundits, agree that the situation is critical and that US bombardment alone is powerless to protect the town or halt IS.

And yet, somehow lost amid the din of cries for intervention is the simple fact that it is US policy and the actions of the aforementioned Erdogan along with his counterparts in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and Israel that created ISIS, nurtured it in its infancy, promoted its development, and unleashed it on Iraq and Syria. And now, for those same leaders, along with a chorus of interventionist voices in the media establishment, to sound the alarm is not only cynical and utterly disingenuous, it is a shining example of the arrogance of empire.

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“ISIS a Frankenstein’s Monster of US and Gulf Monarchs” – Webster Tarpley Oct. 7, 2014

Webster Tarpley speaks to PressTV’s The Debate program.
“ISIS a Frankenstein’s Monster of US and Gulf Monarchs; Turkey’s Erdogan Still Playing Terrorist Gambit Against Syria; #Arrestmccain4ISIS in US Elections; Pentagon Waging 1939-40 Style Phony War on ISIS to Re-Direct Crazies Towards Russia–Obama Must Resist Generals”

The Grand Saudi Reversal

While for the past 35 years Saudi Arabia has supported all the jihadist movements to the most extremist, Riyadh seems suddenly to have changed policy. Threatened in its very existence by a possible attack from the Islamic Emirate, Saudi Arabia has given the signal for the destruction of the organization. But contrary to appearances, the EIS remains supported by Turkey and Israel who sell their looted oil.


by Thierry Meyssan

| Damascus (Syria)



In this photograph released by the Islamic Emirate, we see one of its fighters armed with a French Famas while Paris denies any contact with this organization. In reality, France has armed the Free Syrian Army with instructions to donate two-thirds of its equipment to the Al-Nosra Front (that is to say, Al Qaeda in Syria), as evidenced by a document provided by Syria to the Security Council of the UN. Subsequently several units of Al-Nosra rallied with their weapons to the Islamic Emirate. Moreover, contrary to official statements, the commander of the Islamic Emirate, the current caliph Ibrahim, combined his duties with those of a member of the staff of the Free Syrian Army.


Preliminary: the EIS is a Western creation

The unanimity of the Security Council against the Islamic Emirate (EIS) and the passage of the 2170 resolution are only a facade attitude. This cannot induce us to forget the state support provided the EIS and which it still has.

To take only the recent events in Iraq, everyone has observed that EIS fighters entered the country in columns of brand new Humvees, straight from US American Motors factories and armed with Ukrainian materials, also new. With this equipment they seized the US weapons of the Iraqi Army. Also, everyone was amazed that the EIS had civil administrators instantly capable of taking over the management of the conquered territories and communications specialists that promote its activities on the Internet and on television; personnel obviously trained at Fort Bragg.

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US jacks up cost of renouncing citizenship

ruscThose who’ve thought about it too long are going to find this a bitter pill to swallow: The US government has just issued a change in price for the cost of renouncing citizenship or giving up a long-term green card. US citizens who have been renouncing in record numbers have had to pay $450 for administrative fees until now.

The new fee: $2,350, effective 6 September but probably going into effect only 12 or 13 September. The change is a 422 percent increase, according to the Federal Register.

New citizens are charged $680 to file an application for citizenship: $595 application fee and $85 fingerprinting fee.

The explanation: the administrative burden of handling the requests is so great that the fee must be increased to cover the cost. The official bumpf is that “the Department of State is adjusting the fees in light of the findings of a recent Cost of Service study to ensure that the fees for consular services better align with the costs of providing those services.” Read the excerpt below on public interest for the full explanation. Nowhere is there a discussion about trying to reduce the cost.

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Monsanto in Ukraine: IMF loan for Ukraine may give GMO giant a backdoor into EU


‘Ukraine’s bid for closer ties with the west could come at a cost. With the IMF set to loan the country $17 billion, the deal could also see GMO crops grown in some of the most fertile lands on the continent, warns Frederic Mousseau.

Very few, not least the Ukrainian population are aware of these details, but according to Mousseau, who is a Policy Director at The Oakland Institute, in return for the cash, Ukraine could very well become a test ground for GMO crops in Europe, something the rest of the European Union has been looking to prevent. RT caught up with the Frenchman, who voiced his concerns at what may lay ahead.’

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Why Brussels sucks – Elite thinks it can wipe the floor

RT – There’s a menace lurking in Europe’s households which Brussels’ Green Army is determined to get rid of – the high-powered vacuum cleaner. From today, Europeans won’t be able to buy vacuums that burn up more than 16-hundred watts to clean their floors. It’s supposed to help reduce energy usage, but critics claim that’s nonsense, because people will have to use less-powerful models for longer get the job done.

Scientists Claim They Successfully Emailed Brainwaves


Mind-to-mind transmission is possible due to the fact that each thought produces a different electrical signal in the brain

MOSCOW, September 1 (RIA Novosti) – An international team of scientists has successfully sent a message to a colleague located almost 5,000 miles away using the power of mind in what researchers claim is the first nearly direct long-distance telepathic transmission, according to a study published in the PLOS One journal.

Mind-to-mind transmission is possible due to the fact that each thought sets off a chemical reaction that produces a different electrical signal in the brain. The signals can then be picked up by the electroencephalography (EEG) headsets, encoded, transmitted and deciphered.

During the first experiment, which took place on March 28, 2014, the world “hola”, meaning hello in Spanish, was transmitted. The message turned into a binary code was sent from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the Kerala state, India, to Strasbourg, France, using noninvasive technologies and transplanted into the receivers brain. It appeared as a sequence of flashes in the corner of the person’s vision.

On April 7, researches repeated the experiment: an emitter from Spain sent the word “ciao”, which means hello or goodbye in Italian, to France. They managed to achieve reliable results reporting an error rate of 15 percent in the second experiment.

Researchers predicted that in the not-so-distant future people will be able to easily interact with computers and each other using mind-to-mind communication adding that it will have “broad social implications that will require new ethical and legislative responses”.

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Gender Madness: Absurdity of chase for equality (RT Documentary)

“Gender roles limit a person to stereotypes.” “Equality gives children a fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be.” These principles are the basis of the gender-free pedagogy taught in Sweden that eliminates any reference to gender completely. Gender-free toys, books and even gender-free words. Meet Tanja Bergkvist, a Swedish blogger who sees that this process can reach absurdity when taken to the extreme.