Keiser Report: Dumb Money

RT – In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with a double header discussing the ‘dumb money’ piling into markets just as the Spectator’s cover story reads: “The Next Crash: We could be on the brink of another financial crisis.” Max and Stacy read through the piece in shock at the obvious signs of misallocation of wealth while chasing dumb bubbles – including a P/E ratio now at 25.6 compared to a historic norm of 16.5. In the second half, they examine more misallocation of wealth as the US spends an additional $1 trillion annually on healthcare compared to if they spent the same percentage of GDP as the next most expensive country, the Netherlands. While overspending by $1 trillion, the energy grid has the most blackouts of any developed nation and yet less than half a trillion could replace the dumb, old grid with a smart, new one.

Are There Any Terrorist Groups Who AREN’T Paid Foot Soldiers for the U.S. Military-Intelligence Agenda?

Melissa Melton
Activist Post

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. — President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Let me see if I have this right, because it’s getting really hard to keep things straight these days.

So it is on record that the U.S. government/military-industrial complex has financially backed the ISIS rebels in Syria to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, and key members were trained by our CIA at a secret military base in Jordan back in 2012. (See here and here for starters.) In fact, ISIS is reportedly a joint effort created by the intelligence agencies of the U.S., United Kingdom and Israel, as ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi reportedly received military training from those three agencies as per recent Edward Snowden revelations.

Worse, as reports uncovered by Tony Cartalucci showed, “the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia had planned as far back as 2007 to specifically use sectarian extremists to overrun and overthrow Syria.” ISIS, by the way, is the same group who are now crucifying Christians in Iraq.

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The Propaganda and Politics of MH17


July 27, 2014 (Eric Draitser – NEO) - The downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 (MH17) is a tragedy that will be remembered for years to come. However, the way in which the West has distorted the facts about what happened is no mere accident. Rather, it is a clear attempt by Washington and its allies and proxies to capitalize on the incident, using it as a weapon in their continued belligerent and aggressive policies toward Russia.

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Libya’s Destruction a Warning to Egypt, Syria, & Ukraine


July 27, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – RT’s article, “90% of aircraft destroyed at Tripoli airport, Libya may seek international assistance,” reported that:

Libya is considering a deployment of international force to re-establish security amid a flare-up of violence in Tripoli which saw dozens of rockets destroy most of the civilian aircraft fleet at its international airport.

“The government is looking into the possibility of making an appeal for international forces on the ground to re-establish security and help the government impose its authority,” a government spokesman, Ahmed Lamine said in a statement.

The “democratic tomorrow” promised by NATO in 2011 has been realized – that is – in the form of predictably fraudulent elections accepted by no one, leaving a power vacuum apparently to be settled through increasingly violent armed conflict. Perhaps most ironic of all is that these conflicts are being waged between NATO’s various armed proxies it used to carry out the ground war while it bombarded Libya from the air over the majority of 2011.

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How Thailand Can Outlast Its Enemies

1381874604976Image: Weathering a siege requires not only strong walls, but the ability to outlast the enemy as well. This can only be done by building something sustainable within the walls, and something worth defending.

July 26, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – Thailand’s culture, people, and history is directly tied to that of its indigenous, ancient institutions. For centuries these institutions have guided Thai society, protected it from a turbulent world beyond its borders and at times when this turbulence finds its way within Thailand’s borders. For Thais, these institutions not only give the people cultural and sociopolitical underpinnings, but they give the people tangible, pragmatic guidance in building their communities stronger, closer, and better – and like healthy cells in a body – they create a nation that is likewise stronger, closer, and better. 

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Bloomberg Lies as Ukrainian Rebels Allegedly Down 2 Warplanes

More deception by West as Ukrainian rebels down two more SU-25 warplanes.

1024px-9K338_Igla-S_(NATO-Code_-_SA-24_Grinch)Image: Are Ukrainian separatists foolish enough to continue using Buk missile systems implicated in the downing of MH17? Or have they been using highly capable man-portable missile launchers like those pictured above all along?

July 25, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) – In Bloomberg’s article, “Two Ukrainian Jets Shot Down, Three Dangerous Explanations,” it claims two Ukrainian SU-25 ground attack warplanes were shot down by rebels over Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, stating:

Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman told reporters in Kiev that two of its Sukhoi SU-25 fighter jets were shot down while flying at 5,200 meters (17,000 feet) over the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine. The pilots ejected, and their whereabouts are unknown.
At 17,000 feet, the planes would have been outside the range of the shoulder-fired missiles that the rebels contend are their only air-defense weapons. The planes would, however, be in range of a surface-to-air missile such as the Buk, which is suspected to have been used to shoot down Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 on July 17.

Bloomberg’s “three dangerous explanations” are patently false. They first assert that the rebels have been lying about the weapons they have access to Read On…

Win: Farmers in El Salvador Successfully Oppose Monsanto’s GMO Seeds

US aid package stipulations would have indirectly required them to purchase Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds


by Christina Sarich | | July 24, 2014

The U.S. recently tried to blackmail El Salvador by telling the country they would limit an aid package if they did not accept the stipulations provided within it - stipulations which would have indirectly required them to purchase Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds. But El Salvador is fighting back.

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Analyst: Germany Secretly Planning to Join BRICS


NSA surveillance controversy centered on U.S. fear that Europe’s economic powerhouse will dump the dollar

by Paul Joseph Watson | July 24, 2014

Financial analyst Jim Willie sensationally claims that Germany is preparing to ditch the unipolar system backed by NATO and the U.S. in favor of joining the BRICS nations, and that this is why the NSA was caught spying on Angela Merkel and other German leaders.

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War Profiteer Caterpillar Inc: Belfast Protest, 23-7-2014

planxtysumoud – Sinn Féin Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness: “Meeting with the company in the US has allowed us to cement relationships with management and assure them of our continued support for Caterpillar’s growth and development.” Caterpillar has been supplying the Israeli military with its “key weapon”, in the words one Israeli commander, in its illegal and brutal occupation of Palestine. In the words of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Caterpillar’s D-9 bulldozers have been responsible for destroying “agricultural farms, greenhouses, ancient olive groves.. numerous Palestinian homes and sometimes human lives”.

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Fracking Protest at test drill site near Belcoo, Co Fermanagh

“We are not going to win overnight.” – Anti-fracking activists as company prepares to start drilling

ANTI-FRACKING CAMPAIGNERS are protesting in a Fermanagh village as exploration company Tamboran attempt to begin drilling to collect rock samples.

The town of Belcoo near the Fermanagh-Cavan border is now at the heart of the Irish fracking debate with activists staging protests over the past few days.

Speaking to protesters at the steel-gated entrance to the site, Donal Ó Cófaigh told protesters that “we are not going to win overnight”:

Everyone has a stake in this including communities across the border. As has been said, what they do behind us is going to enable them to frack all across Ireland. This is really important, its more than just our village that’s up for grabs her, it’s more than just this region.

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Poland found to be complicit in US torture programme


POLAND WAS COMPLICIT in the USA’s rendition, secret detention, and torture of alleged terrorism suspects, a top human rights court has ruled.

The judgement, made by the European Court of Human Rights, found that the Polish government colluded with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to establish a secret prison at Stare Kiejkuty.

The decision by the court makes Poland the first European Union member state to be found to have involvement in the USA’s extraordinary rendition programme.

The prison was in operation between 2002 and 2005. Located 180km north of Warsaw, detainees were held in secret detention and tortured.

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