Turkey says it could annex northern Cyprus

05 March 2012

Turkey would consider annexing northern Cyprus, which is technically EU territory, if talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriots fail to reach a deal on reunification of the island, Turkey’s European Affairs Minister Egemen Bağış told a Turkish Cypriot newspaper.

Greek Cypriot leader Dimitris Christofias and his Turkish Cypriot counterpart Derviş Eroğlu have made little progress in negotiations to reunite the island, divided in 1974, since the United Nations persuaded them to renew efforts late last year (see background).

Bağış told Turkish Cypriot newspaper Kıbrıs that Turkey would support any agreement reached by the two sides, but said that was only one of several possible outcomes.

Bağış told Kıbrıs during an interview in London that the options “on the table” include “reunification under a deal that [the two] leaders could reach, creation of two independent states after an agreement between the two leaders if they are unable to reach a deal for reunification, or annexation of the KKTC [Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus] to Turkey.”

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