Putin: Ukraine army is NATO legion aimed at restraining Russia

The Ukrainian army is essentially a ‘NATO legion’ which doesn’t pursue the national interests of Ukraine, but persists to restrict Russia, President Vladimir Putin says. “We often say: Ukrainian Army, Ukrainian Army. But who is really fighting there? There are, indeed, partially official units of armed forces, but largely there are the so-called ‘volunteer nationalist battalions’,” said Putin.

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Contributors to NZ Fluoride Review shown to be toothless

Fluoride Free NZ calls for an open transparent public discussion of fluoridation where both sides of the argument can be heard. To date Sir Peter Gluckman and Sir David Skegg, authors of last year’s NZ Report on Fluoridation, have declined an invitation to debate or discuss the errors found in the Report with international fluoridation experts Professor Paul Connett and Dr William Hirzy when they are in New Zealand next month.

The professors are not the only contributors not willing to show any teeth over the fluoridation issue. The following contributors have also failed to accept an invitation to front up:

Dr Charles Eason, Dr Mark Elwood, Dr Murray Thomson, and Dr Nick Wilson.

NZ Reviewer , Dr Wayne Temple, also declined to defend his position on fluoridation as did Researcher/Writer, Dr Anne Bardsley.

It should be incredibly embarrassing that having been exposed for preparing a politically motivated, hurried review of fluoridation these scientists fail to front.

It is hoped that Dr David Crum from the NZDA, who calls for increased fluoride exposure of infants, will step into the breach. However, that is not likely since he will be unable to defend his claims of reduction in dental decay or less general anaesthetics when the facts are brought into the light of day.

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UK Legislators Hoping To Rush Through New ‘Snooper’s Charter’ In The Wake Of The Charlie Hebdo Attacks

The UK legislators, law enforcement agencies and intelligence services looking to expand the government’s surveillance programs got a big boost from the attack on Charlie Hebdo. This violent attempt to place extremist religious ideology ahead of free speech was twisted by many into justification for expanded government powers. Prime Minister David Cameron even went so far as to suggest that no citizen’s communications should be beyond the government’s reach.

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Interview 995 – Jeff Berwick Invites You To Anarchapulco

Today James is joined by Jeff Berwick of DollarVigilante.com and the Anarchast podcast to discuss Anarchapulco, the first international anarchist/anarcho-capitalist conference of its type that will be held in Acapulco, Mexico from February 24th to March 1st, 2015. With speakers including Luke Rudkowski, Dan Dicks, Roger Ver, Cody Wilson and James Corbett, as well as musical acts, special events and workshops, Anarchapulco promises to be an educational (and fun) celebration of liberty.

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What are French Politicians and Journalists Afraid of?, by Voltaire Network

The incredible media campaign conducted in France, in the name of freedom of expression, against all those who have wondered about the January attacks in Paris, has gradually spread to all NATO countries. Now, having a critical mind is likely to become a crime and to lead to prison.

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Will Charlie Hebdo Become the French 9/11?


After the bloody events in Paris, when journalists of Charlie Hebdo were murdered in the broad daylight, all across the globe numerous journals have been discussing who could benefit from this tragedy.

In some countries (primarily Muslim) the manifestations against the provocative publications of controversial cartoons of the Prophet that mocked the religious feelings of all Muslims are still on the rise. Some experts have linked these provocative anti-Muslim cartoons with the acquisition of Charlie Hebdo by the Rothschilds in December 2014, the latter of whom are constantly worrying about their profits. But now they can be fairly content since after these tragic events the number of copies sold increased tenfold!

Another group of experts believes that the attack on French journalists was the result of direct actions of Western intelligence agencies. Therefore, the consequences of the Charlie Hebdo massacre can be compared to those of 9/11 attack, such as the tightening of security in Europe. These agencies have been seeking ways to create obstacles to the spread of Islam in Europe, along with obtaining legislative support to establish total surveillance over the activities and private lives of Europeans. Political elites behind such agencies believe that democratic rights, the protection of which has been the focal point of all populist political speeches in the West, should be narrowed. Police control in Western countries is increasingly intrusive with each passing day, as the growing distrust and discontent of the European population becomes more apparent. Western elites have failed to put forward comprehensive social and economic measures that could ease this growing angst, therefore an increase in political activity, anti-government demonstrations, and electoral control over ruling parties was inevitable.

The recent two-day meeting of Foreign Ministers of the EU in Brussels, summoned to discuss the “urgent measures to strengthen the fight against terrorism.” can be regarded as damning evidence against Western elites. It was of little surprise for experts that the topic of these discussions was the adoption of a EU version of the US Patriot Act, that is used by Washington to control not only its fellow citizens, but “allies” alike.

In an attempt to set an example to the rest of Europe, Paris took the first steps in the general tightening of a growing police state in Europe, by spending a week pushing the agenda for the urgent need of this new legislative initiative across national media. Ultimately, the French Patriotic Act was adopted last week in the form of a new anti-terrorism law, as it was announced by French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls. According to Waltz, “to strengthen security efforts” a total of 122,000 police and military officers will be mobilized all across France.

In addition, France will create 2,680 new security positions over the next three years to help counter the threat of Islamic extremism. This threat is posed by 3,000 suspects in France and abroad, out of which 1,300 are living in metropolitan areas and have ties with terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. The French government is planning to allocate a total of 425 million euros to fund this project.

However, these figures sound pretty confusing, since it is hard to believe that France can put such security measures in place against the activities of a mere 3,000 suspects by introducing pretty much the same number of positions in the national security to watch after them, while spending 1,5 million euros per officer.

However, Manuel Valls made it clear that, in addition to the fight against the “radicalization” of French society, which will take a hefty 60 million euros out of the budget, the new anti-terrorism law will increase the amount of surveillance over the Internet and social networks. He underlined that as a result of severe control over the social networks and personal correspondence of French citizens, national intelligence agencies have managed to flag more than 30,000 cases of “illegal” content.

According to the new anti-terrorism law, the French secret services now have the right to carry out investigations in places of work and living of specific individuals that were found “suspicious”, while sharing the information obtained this way with the US and other allied countries.

Thus, Paris is clearly following the lead of Washington in the use of a pretext of fighting against “radical Islam” and “terrorism” in order to tighten up national legislation by adopting a French version of the notorious Patriot Act. Somehow it doesn’t make Western intelligence agencies look less guilty as far as the attack on Charlie Hebdo is concerned. French authorities are now empowered to undermine thousands of opponents of Elysee Palace, along with progressive and pro-democracy organizations and parties, as well as members of the independent press, as has been done in the US.

What follows will be other European countries putting on a similar totalitarian hat, by handing over the personal lives of their civilians to intelligence services, both local and American.

Vladimir Platov, an expert on the Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

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Mariupol spotter ‘confession’ another fake by Kiev – Russian Defense Ministry

Residential buildings damaged during a shelling of Mariupol. (RIA Novosti/Nikita Sergeyev)

The ministry also hinted that closer examination of the footage actually points to the fact that Ukraine forces were responsible for the bombardment.

The video was published on the internet on Sunday, one day after shelling in the eastern Ukrainian port city killed at least 30 people and left another 100 injured.

“The SBU needed 24 hours to force this story out of a man, which – as we see in the clip – is read by the detainee from a piece of paper located left to the screen,” the statement by the Russian Defense Ministry said.

In the video, the person – identified by the SBU as Valery Kirsanov – says he has been working as a spotter for the self-defense forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic since being contacted by a rebel unit commander nicknamed Pepel (“Ash”) two weeks ago.

During this period, the man in the video said that several checkpoints of the Ukrainian military were shelled after he sent their coordinates via text messages to the rebels.

According to Kirsanov, Saturday’s shelling was also performed according to his sighting, but the militia’s artillery missed the checkpoint on Taganrogskay Street, which they were aiming for.

“They were supposed to ‘do the work’ during the night, but they did it in the morning, at around 8:00 AM. I went to see how things were there and told Pepel that they were a kilometer off the mark,” he said in the video.

There is also a cut closer to the end of the footage, after which the detainee adds that Pepel is actually “an officer of the Russian army in charge of an artillery battalion” which shelled Mariupol, located in the Donetsk region, on Saturday.

The Russian Defense Ministry stressed that “the knowledge of the nicknames of his contacts (Pepel and another rebel commander he mentioned), their passport details, citizenship, and the composition of their subordinate forces and weaponry makes Kirsanov at least a resident agent, not some appointed spotter.”

“This whole story would be more in place in a spy novel,” the statement said.

The ministry also pointed out “a notable inconsistency, which the SBU…neglected for some reason” while crafting its video.

“At 1:42 of his ‘confession’ video, Kirsanov said that he sent his contacts the coordinates of a stationary checkpoint of Ukrainian troops in Vinogradnoe village…At 2:22 of the clip, when answering the question: ‘From where did the fire come?’ Kirsanov said with confidence: ‘From the direction of Vinogradnoe.’ In other words, from the direction where the Ukrainian military checkpoint was stationed,” the statement said.

The Defense Ministry also pointed out that Vinogradnoe is located 3.5 kilometers away from the shelled residential areas in Mariupol, which is just about the minimum range of Grad missile launchers, which were allegedly used in Saturday’s bombardment.

“Further comments on this fake – or as one may call it a ‘self-disclosure session’ – by the SBU would be excessive,” the statement concluded.

READ MORE: E. Ukraine militia denies shelling Mariupol, accuses Kiev of provocation

Kiev’s troops and Donbass militia forces are locked in renewed hostilities in southeastern Ukraine after a shaky ceasefire reached by the sides in September utterly collapsed.

The Ukrainian military launched a massive offensive in mid-January, but failed to gain ground despite employing tanks, artillery, and aviation.

The Ukrainian conflict began last April when Kiev launched a military operation in the southeastern Donetsk and Lugansk regions, after the regions refused to recognize the country’s new coup-imposed authorities.

The death toll in the Ukraine conflict has exceeded 5,000 people. Over 10,000 have been injured, according to UN estimates.

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No longer science fiction: Aborted human fetuses harvested to grow kidney organs in rats for transplantation into human patients

(NaturalNews) Human fetal kidneys harvested from aborted babies are being surgically implanted into adult rats to grow new kidneys to be transplanted into awaiting human adults.This procedure, which is under rapid development, is being framed as a medical breakthrough by scientists…


Confirmed: US spy plane fleeing Russian jet invaded Swedish airspace

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Boeing RC-135 Rivet Joint (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Lance Cheung)

RT News

US officials have confirmed Swedish media reports of a mid-July incident in which an American spy plane invaded Sweden’s airspace as it was evading a Russian fighter jet. The maverick plane was spying on Russia when it was intercepted.

The incident, which happened on July 18, went public last Wednesday after a classified document from Sweden’s Defense Ministry was leaked to the press.

The plane, a Boeing RC-135 Rivet Joint, entered Sweden’s airspace after permission to do so was denied by traffic control, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper said. It passed from the east over the island of Gotland and flew more than 200km over 90 minutes before leaving.

The aerial incursion was caused by a Russian fighter jet, which scrambled from a base in the exclave Kaliningrad Region and approached the American reconnaissance plane.

Neither party involved in the incident confirmed or denied it, but a source in the US military told CNN on weekend that it indeed happen.

The source said the plane was conducting an electronic eavesdropping mission on the Russian military when the latter locked on to the aircraft with a radar station and sent at least one jet to intercept it. The quickest path of escape was through Swedish airspace, which was what the spy plane pilot did despite the Swedes’ objection.

The source said similar incidents may happen in future, a fact which the US officials made known to Sweden. The CNN report didn’t elaborate on how it was perceived by Sweden, a country that is not even a member of NATO and maintains a non-alliance stance.

The post Confirmed: US spy plane fleeing Russian jet invaded Swedish airspace appeared first on We Are Change.

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The TSA Wants To Read Your Facebook Posts And Check Out Your Purchases Before It Will Approve You For PreCheck

The TSA is disappointed that so few Americans have opted out of its bottle-tossing, package-groping screenings by signing up for its PreCheck program. For a few years now, the TSA has been selling travelers’ civil liberties back to them, most recently for $ 85 a head, but it’s now making a serious push to increase participation. The TSA can’t do it …

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Ukraine: ‘Bangladesh’ is Investing in Banderastan

Another ‘pro-Putin troll’ has revealed himself. This time, it is an American film director, Oliver Stone, who calls to uncover the truth about the coup in Ukraine. He wrote about this on his Facebook: There are many evidences of pro-Western, third party interference, beginning with Victoria Nuland, John McCain, USAID, National Endowment for Democracy (who apparently organize very well on Facebook and Twitter), etc. Why for instance are so many policemen dead and wounded, and yet no one has investigated this in the new government?

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This Bandwagon Can’t be Stopped

Dear Supporter:

Before we get to the incredibly exciting news out of Ireland and the U.S., we would like to remind you to please continue sharing FAN’s latest press release throughout this week. Sunday was the 70th Anniversary of Fluoridation in the U.S. and the fluoride-lobby is planning a massive PR campaign to capitalize on the milestone. It’s up to us to set the record straight, so please continue to send the press release to your local media outlets and share it on social media, along with our Professional Perspectives video, our 10 Facts video, and FAN’s advocacy handouts.

Second Irish Victory in 2015

2015 could be the biggest year yet in the worldwide campaign to end fluoridation. While we may not be able to end the practice entirely this year, it is possible that we could see the end of national fluoridation mandates, as well as see the beginning of the end for statewide mandates in the U.S.

In 2012, the Australian state of Queensland ended their fluoridation mandate. In 2014, Israel’s Minister of Health ended their national mandate, leaving Ireland as the only remaining country with a national fluoridation policy. Now the dominoes are falling in Ireland with the second major community calling for an end to fluoridation in 2015 and the 7th in the past year.

On January 12, the elected County Council in Leitrim, Ireland (pop. 39,000) passed a motion calling on the Government to amend the Health (Fluoridation of Water) Act 1960 and subsequent Statutory Instrument (42/2007 Fluoridation of Water Supplies Regulations 2007), and to ban the addition of fluoride to water supplies.” The motion received unanimous support from the council.

When contacted for further comment Leitrim Councilor Barry (SF) said:

“That the policy of adding fluoride to water needed to stop …  This is a neuro toxic industrial waste which can cause damage to the nervous system.  Fluoridation is banned in 98% of European countries.  The Irish government continues to impose fluoride on the Irish people and on top of that it is now forcing us to pay for it through water charges.  The European Commission is on record as saying people do not need fluoride for normal growth and development.  Fluoridation of water needs to stop immediately.”

On the same day, January 12th, the Wexford County Council—representing approximately 150,000 residents–passed the same motion. The votes come only a few months after Cork and Dublin, the two largest cities in the country passed motions along with Cork County Council and Laois County Council doing so earlier in 2014. Together these councils represent approximately 1.7 million residents.

While local and county councils don’t have the authority to end fluoridation in Ireland the continued passage of the motions against fluoridation cannot be ignored for much longer by the Irish Government as it comes under mounting national cross party political pressure to end public water fluoridation in the run up to the impending General Election planned for 2016.

For more information on the victory in Leitrim, please visit the Fluoride Free Towns campaign and “like” their Facebook page.

Legislation in Two U.S. States Ending Mandatory Fluoridation

Ireland isn’t the only part of the world where residents are fed up with mandated fluoridation. In the U.S., where a dozen or so states have mandates, legislators are starting to introduce bills to give local communities a choice in the matter. Already in 2015 mandate reversing legislation has been introduced in Connecticut and Minnesota, with more states possibly introducing similar bills this legislative session.

In Connecticut, where fluoridation is mandated for all communities with 20,000 or more residents, several Senators are co-sponsoring a bill that would eliminate this requirement. For those of you who live in Connecticut and would like to get involved in this campaign, please contact local organizers Connecticut Families Against Chemical Trespass.

In Minnesota, where fluoridation in mandated in all public water systems, Representatives Jeff Howe and Ron Kresha have co-sponsored a bill that would give municipalities the ability to opt-out of the fluoridation mandate by amending their city charters to prohibit the practice. If you live in Minnesota and would like to get involved in this campaign you can contact local organizers Earth Protectors or email FAN’s Campaign Manager (stuart@fluoridealert.org).

Dallas Vote this Wednesday

City councilors in Dallas, Texas will be voting on fluoridation this Wednesday, January 28. Campaigners there need all the help they can get these last few days before the vote. Please help by:

-Submitting written testimony: citysecretary@dallascityhall.com

-Signing the Dallas Petition

Learn more by visiting Fluoride Action North Texas’ website, Facebook page, or by viewing their latest press release on the vote.

January’s Teleconference Audio

If you missed this month’s International Fluoride Free Teleconference you can now download the audio. The call was dedicated to fluoride activists from around the world and featured a variety of campaigners sharing their 2015 campaign goals, discussing strategy, and requesting support from fellow activists. If you’re involved with a fluoride-free campaign or hope to start one, you should download the audio today.

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-Report Documents Communities at Higher Risk for Chemical Catastrophe (U.S.)

-Fluoridation Could Stop in Dallas on Jan. 28 (Texas)

Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director,
Fluoride Action Network
See all FAN bulletins online


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U.S. counterterrorism operations ongoing in Yemen

President Barack Obama defended his counterterrorism strategy in tumultuous Yemen Sunday, saying efforts to root out a dangerous al-Qaida affiliate there would not be affected by the political vacuum in the country. The U.S. campaign against al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is heavily dependent on using drone strikes to take out terror targets. Obama has held up that approach as a model for the military mission against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, which relies on airstrikes instead of U.S. ground troops.

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