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These days, anyone who wants to be seen and heard has to go to the Web. Individuals and businesses have to establish an online presence to spread awareness about their brand. Although they can do this via social media, they do not have complete control over those networks.

Hostgator Coupon

The best way is still to create your own website whether to conduct ecommerce or to post informational content. This requires a web host that will hold the pages and make them accessible through the Internet. Hostgator has been a leading name in this category for many years. Let’s look at its offerings and how well they perform.

Shared Web Hosting

This is the most basic form of hosting. It is also the most economical, hence its popularity. A single server hosts a large number of sites. The shared resources mean that the cost can be spread out. This is great for small blogs and other sites that do not expect to get a lot of traffic. People can always upgrade to advanced hosting types as they grow their audience.

The downside to sharing is that everything happens in one site affects the others, sometimes in a negative way. If a post goes viral, then traffic will surge and the demands on the server will increase. This will leave very little resources for the other sites which may experience a slowdown or a failure to load.

Still, the price is too good to pass up at only $2.75/month for the Hatchling Plan, $3.95/month for the Baby Plan, and $5.95/month for the Business Plan. Unlimited domains, unmetered bandwidths, and other features are available. While it is possible to pay month-to-month, bigger savings await if you pay upfront for long-term subscription.

VPS Web Hosting

Once a site has amassed a considerable audience, hosting may be shifted from Shared to VPS. A Virtual Private Server will provide more resources to ensure fast loading times and prevent bottlenecks. Webmasters are given full root access for total control over the settings and installations. This is a good step up for those who have outgrown the crowded shared hosting servers.

This is a nice, affordable solution that gives a lot of perks without charging too much. It is a viable option for small businesses that want a fast and reliable webhost. It is not as powerful as a dedicated hosting package but it should be good enough for most.

Hostgator also has three offerings in this category. Snappy 2000 features 2GB of RAM, a dual core CPU, a 120GB disk space, and up to 1.5TB of bandwidth for $29.95 per month. Snappy 4000 includes 4GB of RAM, a dual core CPU, 165GB of storage space, 2TB of guaranteed bandwidth. Lastly, there’s Snappy 8000 with 8GB of RAM, a quad core CPU, 240GB of storage, and 3TB of bandwidth.

Dedicated Web Hosting

This is the best type of web hosting available but it is also the most expensive. It is what the biggest sites use to support their sites and ensure maximum uptime. An entire server will be provided to the client. All the resources are there to be used in full. High traffic is not a problem as it can handle the load. Linux and Windows options are available.

It is hard to find fault with dedicated hosting since you will be given everything that you could ever need and more. The cost is the only thing holding people back from getting this high-tier service. It fluctuates over time in response to competitors so be sure to compare prices and features before making a commitment.

As of now, the lowest rate on offer is $118.99 a month for the Value Server plan. This features a quad core Intel Xeon CPU with 8GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage. Next is the Power Server at $138.99 a month with an octa-core Intel Xeon, 16GB memory, and up to 2TB storage. Lastly, there’s the Enterprise Server at $148.98 per month that gets you an octa-core Xeon CPU, a whopping 30GB of RAM, and 1TB SSD. All of these have unlimited bandwidth.

WordPress Web Hosting

Millions of sites on the Web right now are using the blog format. Many of them are enabled by the WordPress content management system. Although the CMS is free, the web hosting is not. You still have to subscribe to a plan in order for the world to see your posts. Hostgator offers a cloud hosting solution dedicated to WordPress.

The Starter Plan lets you set up one site that can handle up to 100,000 visit a month. You get 1GB storage for backups and a free SSL certificate. This costs $5.95 monthly. Meanwhile, the Standard Plan allows twice the sites, visits, and storage at $7.95 monthly. The Business Plan allows thrice the sites and storage and 5x the monthly visits at $9.95.


Hostgator Summary

There are countless hosting providers but only a few stand out. Hostgator has been around for a long time and continues to be one of the most trusted names in the business. Their shared hosting options are particularly impressive with their mix of low cost and excellent features. Even PC Mag named them the best in that category in their Hostgator review. If you are just starting out, then Hostgator is a solid choice.

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