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How do Bail Bonds Work?

If you have ever heard of any court case, you have heard of posting bail. Well if not you should try watching an episode of law and order. Most people assume that once you have posted bail, you are free to walk and out of jail. Well technically this is true, but there are cases where you still need to go back to court after posting bail.

Bail Bond Process

1. What is a bill?

Bail is the money posted by an insurance bond company or a person on behalf of the defendant to the court. When a person posts bail he or she is allowed to go home until the court dates scheduled. You are supposed to attend all your court dates for a hearing until the case is decided and you are proven guilty or not guilty. If you don’t post bail, you are supposed to go back to jail and attend all court hearing while you are there.

2. Ways in which bail can be posted

• The defendant or someone on your behalf pays the full amount of bond to the court

• You can purchase a bail bond from a company. The fee for purchasing a bond from a guarantor is less than the actual amount of money you are asked to pay in court. The fee is cleared, and no additional money is owed to the company as long as you attend all the court appearance dates.

• Use of property like your home and vehicle to serve as collateral with the court

• The judge can let the defendant go on their recognizance

3. How bail bonds work

If you as the defendant is not able to pay the amount of money asked by the court. You or someone on your behalf contacts a bondsman who pays for your bail, the bondsman must be licensed. For you to get your bail posted you or someone on your behalf is required to pay a percentage of the bail to the bondsman. This will allow the bondsman to post bail for you and then you can be released from jail.

The bondsman starts to look for the remaining bail-in collateral form. In case the defendant does not have adequate assets, the bondsman will  asks for the family and friends to provide some of their assets as collateral. The bondsman then has a task of making sure that the defendant attends all the court hearings and makes appearances on the set court dates.

4. Who determines your bail amount?

The bail amount is always set and decided by the judge. The judge has to put a few factors in consideration before setting the bail amount. The judge will consider the severity of the crime if you have any criminal background and any previous convictions, your ties with the community, whether you have a steady paying job and your family background.

Part two: Things to Consider when Selecting a Bail Bond Company.

• Referrals

When looking for a reputable bond company ask for referrals from your attorney. Your attorney is bound to know of all the reputable bond companies in your area and will not get you a wrong bond company. Before going directly to the internet always ask around for the perfect company. You can also ask some of the people you know how they posted their bail. Moreover, you can start by asking your cell mates as they might have a clear understanding of which is the best company.

• Fee

When looking for a bond company look for the one that asks for a small amount of fee at all times. All the companies ask for at least 10% of the total bond money.  This allows you to plan yourself and be able to raise the amount you are asked for. Do your research and see the different fee charges each company offers before making any decision. Take your time when you are making the decision and do not rush as this might cost you afterwards.

• Reviews

People always forget to look for the reviews of the company online, and this ends up costing them. Take your time and go through all the companies and see what people have to say about the company. You will be surprised by finding out what the company can do by reading what people have to say about it. This is where you get to see the negative and positive side of getting the company. This will allow you to make a better decision on which company to get.


Don’t let your loved one suffer in jail while you can easily post bail or hire a bondsman. Posting bail bonds can allow your loved one to attend the court hearing from home before they are proven guilty or not guilty.

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