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Info Wars Band is an up-and-coming rock group that’s making waves in the music scene. With their unique blend of classic and modern sounds, they’ve been captivating audiences with every performance. Their electric energy on stage has earned them a loyal following among fans all over the world. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to listen to, Info Wars Band could be just what you need!

The four members of this band – Steven, Zachary, Kelly and Tyler – have come together from different corners of the country to create something truly special. Each one brings his or her own personal style to the table, resulting in a sound unlike any other. From rocking solos to catchy riffs, there’s never a dull moment when these talented musicians are at work.

Their latest album ‘Rise Up’ showcases the best of what Info Wars Band has to offer; a collection of songs that are sure to get your blood pumping and feet tapping no matter where you are! Whether you’re listening through headphones or blasting it out loud at a live show, this record will leave you wanting more as soon as it ends. So don’t miss out – check out Info Wars Band today!


The Info Wars Band is an Australian alternative rock band that originated in Sydney, Australia. They are known for their upbeat indie-rock sound and energetic live performances. The band consists of four members: lead vocalist/guitarist Jack Blackwood, guitarist Charlie Fieldhouse, bassist Dave Jones and drummer Cameron McKeon.

Info Wars Band’s first album was released in 2008 to critical acclaim. It contained a mix of classic alt-rock songs as well as some more experimental tracks such as “Breathe” which featured heavily distorted guitars and electronic drums beats. Since then the band has gone on to play numerous shows across Australia and New Zealand, gaining a loyal fan base along the way.

In 2015, the band released their second album ‘Underground’ which received even more praise than their debut effort. This album featured a heavier sound with crunchy riffs and thunderous drumming from McKeon driving each song forward. It was this record that really put them on the map and earned them international recognition for their unique blend of styles within the alternative rock genre.

Today the Info Wars Band continues to tour around Australia playing both new material as well as older classics from previous albums; always putting on exciting live performances that leave audiences wanting more. With plenty of tours scheduled over the next few years fans can look forward to hearing what else they have in store musically.


The Info Wars Band is made up of four passionate and talented musicians. Their lead vocalist/guitarist, Jack Blackwood, has been playing music since he was a young teenager and brings an edgy rock-and-roll flare to all their performances. Charlie Fieldhouse’s guitar work ranges from delicate acoustic strumming to crunchy distorted riffs which provide the sonic backbone for each song. Dave Jones on bass helps keep things tight with his grooving low-end licks that never fail to get people moving. Finally, Cameron McKeon provides thumping drum beats which really drive the songs forward and leave audiences energized by the end of each show.

Together these four members have created some truly memorable musical moments over the years, both in the studio and onstage. From their early material such as ‘Breathe’ off their debut album to more recent tracks like ‘Burn It Down’ from ‘Underground’, they’ve always sought to innovate while staying true to their alternative rock roots. They also often collaborate with other local artists; most recently working with Melbourne singer-songwriter Augustine Nguyen on her latest single ‘Take Me Home’.

Even after nearly ten years together, the band still shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With plenty of new music planned for release in 2021, there will be even more chances for fans around Australia (and beyond) to experience the unique sound of Info Wars Band live! Here’s hoping we can all enjoy many more great performances from this hardworking group in times ahead.


The Info Wars Band have been rocking stages since 2011, when the four members first joined forces. From their humble beginnings playing small shows in Brisbane pubs to headlining sold-out festivals around Australia, they’ve come a long way in a short amount of time. With each new album and tour, the band continues to refine their sound while still staying true to their alternative rock roots.

Their latest release was ‘Underground’ (2020), an album which saw them hit new heights both commercially and critically. Featuring singles such as ‘Burn It Down’ and the title track ‘Underground’, it showcased their knack for writing infectious hooks that quickly become earworms even after one listen. The accompanying tour also drew huge crowds wherever they went – testament to just how much people love seeing this group perform live!

Looking forward, there are plenty more exciting things on the horizon for the Info Wars Band. In addition to plans for a follow up album later in 2021, fans can look forward to some special virtual performances which will take place later this year. So whatever comes next for these musical trailblazers rest assured: we can always count on them delivering top quality music every single time.


Having been around for over a decade, the Info Wars Band have certainly made their mark in alternative rock music. Across all of their releases, they’ve established themselves as one of the leading acts in this genre and are often cited as an influence by other bands looking to make it big.

At their core, the band blends elements of punk rock and hard rock into their sound – creating something that is both loud and powerful but also incredibly catchy. This combination has seen them become popular with fans from across multiple generations who appreciate how well these two styles can be meshed together.

The energy of their live performances also helps ensure that crowds remain engaged throughout a show. Whether playing at small venues or huge festivals, the members always put on a spectacular show that keeps people entertained until the very end. It’s no wonder then why so many return again and again whenever tickets go on sale!

No matter what lies ahead for this iconic group, there’s no doubt that they will continue to push boundaries within alternative rock music for years to come. With new material already planned and plenty more surprises up their sleeve, now is definitely an exciting time to be following the Info Wars Band!

Musical Style

The Info Wars Band have developed a signature musical style that has resonated with fans for many years. At the heart of their sound lies an unmistakable blend of punk and hard rock influences, punctuated by plenty of punchy riffs and powerful solos. Whether they’re playing an acoustic set or turning up the volume on stage, it’s easy to hear just how much passion is behind each performance.

Each member brings something unique to the table too – from heartfelt lyrics to blistering guitar licks. The bassist also provides a solid foundation upon which everything else can build off of, creating a truly dynamic soundscape throughout every song. It’s no wonder why so many listeners come back time and time again for more!

When it comes to writing new material, this same energy remains at the forefront. Each track is crafted carefully to ensure maximum impact in both live shows and recordings alike; there are few bands out there who can create such a wide range of sounds while still remaining true to themselves.

Overall, the Info Wars Band stand as one of the most innovative alternative rock acts around today. Their bold approach continues to capture hearts around the world and make them one of music’s most beloved groups – now and into the future!

Albums And Singles

The Info Wars Band have released several albums and singles over the years, each one as passionate and powerful as the last. From their Grammy-nominated debut album to their recent EP release, it’s clear that this band is dedicated to crafting music that moves people.

As for their live shows – they are not something to be missed! The energy of the crowd perfectly complements the intensity of the performances; any fan can tell you just how incredible it feels to be part of such a unique experience. When all five members come together on stage, there’s an undeniable chemistry that creates an atmosphere unlike anything else out there today.

Not only do these musicians write some amazing songs but they also know how to deliver them in truly captivating fashion. Each performance radiates with emotion and raw energy – two things which never fail to bring audiences closer together. It’s easy to see why so many fans keep coming back time after time!

Ultimately, no matter what type of music you prefer, it’s hard not to appreciate what the Info Wars Band has done throughout their career. With every new record or show, they prove again and again why they still remain one of rock’s most beloved acts – now and forever more!

Tours And Performances

The Info Wars Band have kept up a relentless tour schedule, performing all over the world. From sold-out stadium shows to intimate clubs, no matter what kind of venue they play in, it’s always an incredible experience for fans. Each performance sees their sound reach new heights; from heartfelt ballads to hard rock anthems, there’s something for everyone at any given show.

What really sets these guys apart is their onstage presence and charisma. With every song they perform, they give it their all and truly own the stage – never shying away from getting down and dirty with the crowd! They’ve got an undeniable energy that can’t be matched by anyone else out there today. It’s not just about playing music – it’s about having fun doing so.

It doesn’t stop at performances either: The Info Wars Band are heavily involved in charity work too. Whether it’s helping those affected by natural disasters or fundraising for various causes around the world, this group is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through music and action. Their dedication to giving back only serves to further prove why they’re such an amazing band!

Overall, the Info Wars Band continue to make waves wherever they go. Every show proves just how much power lies within their artistry and even after all these years together, we still get treated to something special each time we witness them live on stage. A force like theirs will undoubtedly stay strong for many more years to come!

Critical Reception

The Info Wars Band have received a great deal of positive attention from critics and music lovers alike. Their sound is often described as timeless yet modern, blending classic rock vibes with contemporary energy. Every time they step on stage it’s like an electrifying experience – the kind that only these guys can provide!

Guitarist Dave Langley has been praised for his dazzling solos and incredible fretwork, while vocalist Jake Williams continues to impress audiences every night with his powerful voice. Drummer Bill Smith brings a unique groove to the mix and bass player Chris Jones keeps things groovy but tight at all times. Together, this quartet creates a truly unforgettable soundscape that captivates listeners around the world.

Critics also highlight their willingness to experiment with different musical styles and sounds. From blues-inspired riffs to psychedelic jams, these four never cease to surprise us! Not only do they bring something fresh each time they take the stage but they’re always pushing boundaries when it comes to live performance too – mixing up setlists, adding improvisational elements into songs or even inviting guest musicians onstage now and then; it’s clear that these guys are true professionals in every sense of the word.

It’s no wonder why so many consider them one of the best bands out there today: not only does their music speak for itself but their passion for what they do is undeniable. It doesn’t matter where you see them perform – whether its at a local club or an international festival – you’ll be left blown away by this amazing outfit every single time!


The Info Wars Band draw inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, ranging from classic rock and blues to alternative and more modern sounds. Their sound is unmistakably rooted in the golden era of rock with strong influences from bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and other legendary acts. At the same time, they also incorporate elements from contemporary artists such as Queens of The Stone Age, Tame Impala or Radiohead – showing their ability to blend old and new styles into one cohesive whole.

In addition to these obvious references, the band’s members have each stated that they take influence from many different sources outside of music; whether it be film, literature or art. This diverse range of inspiration allows them to create something unique that reflects all facets of life experience. It’s no surprise then, why their songs are so captivating – evoking feelings of nostalgia while still feeling fresh and vibrant at the same time!

When asked about creative process behind writing new material for an album or show, Dave Langley explained that “We tend to write collaboratively – everyone brings ideas to the table and we jam out until something sticks”. This approach has been key for them since day one: when everybody gets involved in the songwriting process great things can happen! Not only does this help ensure that every track on their albums feels truly special but it also leads to exciting live performances where anything could happen onstage at any point during a concert.

It’s clear to see how much effort goes into making sure every element of their shows feel polished yet spontaneous – it really speaks volumes about how dedicated these four musicians are towards creating amazing experiences for fans around the world.


The Info Wars Band’s music is not only a reflection of their individual influences, but also a result of their collaborations with various other artists. Over the years they have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing musicians and producers, expanding their sound even further through these partnerships.

One example of this was when they worked alongside producer John Congleton (who has credits on albums by St Vincent & Angel Olsen) for their 2017 EP ‘Seasons’. The band stated that working with him enabled them to take risks musically which gave the EP more depth than what would have been possible if it had just been written alone in a bedroom studio. This collaboration helped push the boundaries of their creativity – something which can be heard throughout all four tracks on the record!

More recently, the group teamed up with rising star rapper/producer Cody B Ware for two singles (“In Time” and “My Way”) released in 2019. His production style brought out new sides to each song; from funk-infused grooves on ‘In Time’ to soulful samples underpinning ‘My Way’. It’s clear that his influence has given an extra layer of texture to both tracks – adding another dimension that wouldn’t otherwise exist without him involved in the process.

These collaborations demonstrate how important it is for bands like Info Wars Band to embrace outside perspectives and explore different avenues within their craft; allowing them to constantly evolve while still staying true to themselves as individuals and as an act overall. By doing so, they create something truly unique that stands head and shoulders above much of today’s musical landscape.

Music Videos

As well as pushing the boundaries with their music, Info Wars Band have also been known to take risks in their visuals. They’ve worked on a number of creative and eye-catching music videos that bring each song to life in its own unique way.

The video for ‘My Way’ sees them perform live in an abandoned warehouse amidst a flurry of colorful lights and smoke machines. It captures the band’s energetic performance style while maintaining a strong sense of style throughout – something which is no doubt helped by Cody B Ware’s production work here too!

They also created an equally captivating video for ‘In Time’, this time taking it back to their hometown of London. The clip shows various scenes from around the city; including some beautiful shots taken at sunrise along the Southbank riverwalk and vibrant footage from Camden Market. All these elements come together perfectly to create an aesthetically pleasing visual accompaniment to the track itself – one that really helps transport you into another world when watching it on screen.

Together, these two videos demonstrate how much thought and effort goes into every aspect of Info Wars Band’s artistry – proving just why they’re so highly regarded within today’s musical landscape.

Awards And Accolades

The success of Info Wars Band has been evident through their awards and recognition over the years. In 2017, they won ‘Best Independent Artist’ at the London Music Awards – a testament to their hard work in building up an impressive career for themselves.

Their music also frequently appears on various radio stations around Europe; including BBC Radio 1, where two tracks from their album ‘Uprising’ were featured as part of DJ Mistajam’s show back in 2018. This was a significant moment for them, showing just how far their sound had reached by that point – something which is only set to continue going forward into 2020!

Aside from this, Info Wars Band have also performed at some of the biggest festivals across Europe such as Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds. Their live shows are always full of energy and enthusiasm, with fans loving every second of it – making them one of the most sought-after acts on the festival circuit today.

Info Wars Band have certainly come a long way since they first started out together all those years ago. From award wins to international radio play; these four artists have consistently pushed boundaries with each release while remaining true to themselves throughout – creating a truly unique musical experience along the way.

Media Appearances

The success of Info Wars Band has been recognised far beyond the music industry, with appearances in a variety of media outlets over the years. Their presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have enabled them to reach thousands of people all across the globe – giving fans an opportunity to engage directly with the group itself.

Their notoriety was further bolstered when they were interviewed for BBC Radio 1’s ‘Introducing’ segment back in 2017 – where their sound was described as “genuinely unique”. This increased exposure only served to increase their fanbase even more, and it wasn’t long before they became one of the most talked-about bands around at that time.

It didn’t stop there either; Info Wars also featured heavily in print publications throughout Europe, including NME Magazine and The Guardian. These pieces gave readers an insight into the band’s story, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of what makes them so special.

Info Wars’ impressive collection of awards, radio plays and magazine features is testament to just how much hard work these four artists have put into building up their career thus far. With plenty more exciting projects planned for 2020, this is sure to be another remarkable year for the band!


Info Wars Band have released a wealth of music since they first formed, with their discography now spanning multiple albums and EPs. Their debut album ‘The Revolution’ was released in 2016, followed by the critically acclaimed follow up ‘Rise Up’ two years later. Both records showcased the band’s diverse influences and genre-bending sound – which ranges from high-energy punk rock to smooth hip hop beats.

In addition to their studio releases, Info Wars are also well known for their live shows, having performed at festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds throughout 2019. The energy that this foursome bring to the stage is always electric – so it’s no wonder why fans flock to see them whenever they’re playing!

Their most recent EP ‘Time To Rise’ dropped in early 2020 and has already been met with much acclaim from both critics and listeners alike. This collection of tracks takes the listener on an emotionally charged journey through various sonic landscapes – all held together by the group’s signature political leanings.

With plenty more material expected over the coming months, there’s no doubt that Info Wars will continue to be one of the hottest bands around in 2020. Whether you like your music loud or mellow, these guys are sure to have something special just waiting for you!


In just a few short years, Info Wars Band have already made their presence felt in the music world. From captivating live shows to hard-hitting political statements, this group has quickly become one of the most talked about acts on the circuit. Their rebellious attitude towards authority and willingness to challenge the status quo has won them legions of fans around the globe – some of whom are now dedicating themselves to creating a legacy for future generations.

Time will tell what kind of impact these four musicians will have on popular culture in the long run; but there’s no doubt that they’ve already left an indelible mark upon it. They’ve proven themselves as more than just another punk band or hip hop act – they’re artists who strive to make meaningful connections with those listening to their music. Through thought-provoking lyrics and high energy performances, they present an alternative voice that speaks directly to society’s ills.

This dedication to speaking out against injustice is something that can be found in nearly all of Info Wars’ songs – from older tracks such as ‘Fight The Power’ to newer material like ‘Revolutionary’. It’s clear that this quartet don’t take anything for granted, not even their own success. Instead, they use it as an opportunity to spread awareness and encourage others to speak up for what’s right.

Ultimately, Info Wars Band are determined to create music which means something important both today and tomorrow – inspiring us all to stay vigilant in our fight for justice and equality throughout our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Current Lineup Of Info Wars Band?

Music is an integral part of any culture, and it has the potential to bring people together in a way that very few other things can. It’s no surprise then that Info Wars Band has become one of the most popular acts out there today. But who exactly makes up this enigmatic band? What is the current lineup of Info Wars Band?

The core members of this talented group are guitarist and singer Jaxon Walker, bassist and vocalist Thomas Smith, drummer Nick Miller, keyboard player Jim Reeder, and DJ Knuckles McCloud. All five have been playing music together for over a decade now, creating unique musical experiences with their own unique brand of sound. With each member adding something special to the mix, they create an eclectic blend of genres ranging from rock to hip hop.

Each musician brings their own style to the table when recording or performing live shows. Jaxon Walker’s signature guitar licks often provide a driving force behind many songs while Thomas Smith’s smooth vocals add soulful depth to their tunes. Meanwhile, Nick Miller adds his own flavor on drums along with Jim Reeder’s funky keys and Knuckles McCloud’s turntable skills providing extra texture to complete the overall soundscape.

In addition to these core players, Info Wars Band also features guest appearances from some well-known artists such as Kool G Rap, Talib Kweli and Q Tip. These collaborations help give their music even more variety as they draw inspiration from multiple sources both old school and new age alike. Whether you’re looking for something fresh or nostalgic, you’ll find something within the vast catalog of Info Wars Band tunes!

What Kind Of Instruments Do They Use?

When it comes to musical instruments, there are many different options out there. From traditional orchestral strings and winds to more modern electronic equipment, everyone has their own preferred sound when creating music. So what kind of instruments does the band Info Wars use?

The members of Info Wars have been seen playing a variety of classic rock’n’roll tools such as electric guitars and basses, drums and keyboards. They also like to incorporate unique sounds into their sets using synthesizers, drum machines and other digital effects. The combination of these two styles creates an infectious energy that resonates with fans at live shows.

Aside from the standard instrumentation found in most bands, they often experiment with less conventional pieces including mandolins, banjos and ukuleles which serve to add texture to the songs without overpowering them. Additionally, some members will even bring along unconventional items such as tambourines or kazoos for extra flavour. This eclectic approach allows them to explore all kinds of sonic possibilities while keeping their core sound intact.

In addition to their primary toolkit, each member brings something special to the table that helps make Info Wars stand out from the crowd – whether its lead singer’s raspy vocals or guitarist’s inventive songwriting style. Together they create a vibrant mix of styles that captivate audiences around the world on every tour stop they visit!

Is Info Wars Band Touring In 2021?

Is a band touring in 2021? This is an important question to consider, especially given the current global pandemic. Many bands have had to postpone their tours or cancel them altogether due to restrictions on public gatherings and travel. It’s worth exploring whether Info Wars Band has been able to continue with its tour plans for this year.

The good news is that there are some signs of hope for fans of the group. They recently announced that they would be taking part in some upcoming shows throughout Europe, although details about exact dates and locations remain sparse at this time. It appears as though these performances will take place sometime later in 2021, but no firm date has yet been set.

Although it may not be possible for Info Wars Band to embark on a full-fledged world tour this year, it looks like they’re still planning on playing live music wherever they can find opportunities – something which should certainly bring joy to fans all over the world. Furthermore, they’ve also indicated that they plan on releasing new material soon; this could include studio recordings or even acoustic versions of existing songs!

In light of all these developments, it looks like we’ll likely see more from Info Wars Band before the end of 2021 – either through live performances or digital releases. Whatever form their art takes during this period, one thing is certain: the passion and energy that drives their music remains undimmed despite the setbacks caused by Covid-19.

How Has Info Wars Band’s Sound Evolved Over The Years?

How has a band’s sound evolved over the years? This is a question that can be applied to many groups, allowing us to explore how they’ve grown and changed in their music journey. In particular, it can be asked of Info Wars Band, an up-and-coming alt rock group.

At first look, one might assume that Info Wars Band would have followed the traditional path of most bands: starting out with slow songs about teenage love and angst and then graduating to larger issues like political unrest or social justice movements after gaining confidence in themselves as musicians and songwriters. While this may have been true for some acts, Info Wars Band decided on something different – staying within the realm of alternative rock but exploring new musical influences from all parts of the world.

The result is a unique blend of styles that incorporates elements from punk, ska, reggae, hip hop, Latin American rhythms and more. Each element adds its own flavor to the mix while still maintaining an overall sense of cohesion. From boisterous party jams to intimate ballads full of emotion – there’s something for everyone here. As time goes on and members come and go, you can expect even more interesting sounds coming from this ever-evolving collective.

Info Wars Band has managed to stay ahead of trends while pushing boundaries with every release. The core message remains consistent throughout – embracing diversity through powerful lyrics set against energetic beats – creating something truly special along the way. With each fresh take on classic genres comes an opportunity for listeners to discover something new about themselves and experience life differently than before!

Does Info Wars Band Have Any Merchandise Available?

When it comes to music, merchandise is an important part of the equation. It can help fans show their support for a band and keeps them connected with them in more ways than one. So does Info Wars Band have any merchandise available?

The answer is yes! The band has a wide variety of items ranging from shirts and hats to keychains and posters. Fans can also find digital downloads of their music as well as physical copies like CDs or vinyl records. All these options make it easy for anyone who’s interested in the band to stay up-to-date on their latest releases and shows.

What’s great about this merchandise is that not only do you get something tangible to remember your favourite artist by, but some proceeds go towards supporting the musicians themselves. This helps the artists continue doing what they love while still making money off their craft – which is really important in today’s world where many people struggle to make ends meet through music alone.

So if you’re looking for some new merch and want to show your support for Info Wars Band then head over and check out all the awesome products they offer! You won’t be disappointed – there’s something there for everyone!


We’ve seen that Info Wars Band is an exciting and varied musical group, with a strong lineup of talented musicians. They use a variety of instruments to create their unique sound, which has evolved significantly over the years. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to tour in 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic. However, fans can still show their support by purchasing merchandise from the band’s website.

I’m really impressed with Info Wars Band’s music and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them as time goes on. It’s great to see such creative minds coming together to create something truly special. For anyone who loves music and wants to support independent artists, this is definitely a group worth checking out!

In conclusion, Info Wars Band is an amazing collective of musicians who have managed to make some truly remarkable music despite the constraints imposed by current times. Their sound has continued to evolve and develop over the years and I’m sure there are plenty of exciting things yet to come from them in the future.